Aug 12






21 and over only / Exclusive Mens Party

$20.00 advance tickets / $25.00 at the door

Must have “M” as gender on I.D. to attend.

This is our 25th Anniversary Party, a private event for our organization, but with so much space we are opening this up to other gay/bi/trans men interested in social nudity to join us for the evening. This is our chance to expose our group to you, and let you experience us firsthand. This evening is a celebration of our return to close quarters as the Pandemic winds down.


OMEN (Oregon Men Enjoying Naturism) is the premier nude social group for gay/bi men in the Portland/Vancouver area. Originally founded as a monthly potluck group in 1998, we are now celebrating our 25th Anniversary. The group has grown to over 300 men, with activities ranging from dances, game nights, camp outs and Spa Night at Steam, to themed parties, gatherings at Rooster Rock & Collins Beach…with still some traditional potlucks. With ages ranges from 19 to 92 and almost 20 languages spoken, we are a very diverse group and have every imaginable body type. If you are an adult male, you are welcome to join us.


We have more space than our members can fill, and we have all had a rough couple of years, so we are extending an invitation to all men who would like to experience us firsthand and join in the evening. You must agree to no body shaming, and must remain uncovered. We are not clothing optional, and this is not an event for voyeurs. You are welcome to participate, but no hiding behind jock straps, thongs, cages and the like. Sorry, ladies, but since we are a gay men’s group, we do require an “M” on your I.D to attend.


Due to the nature of the event, some materials were necessary. The rates include a tote bag at check in with a small towel to sit on as required by law. You will receive a neck wallet for your valuables with a name badge just prior to checking our clothes. Your valuables so in the neck wallet, the towel is to sit on or clips around your neck when not sitting (clip provided), and the bag is for the rest of your clothes aside from footwear which are then checked. Image capable devices are not permitted. Any cell phones must have tape over the camera lenses.


We are not a plush group so don’t expect anything more than a great time, but that you will have. We have set up two areas for our celebration. The main ballroom will have a dance hosted by DJ Bud Chism formerly of Club Universe in San Francisco, while the karaoke bar will be hosted by KJ Jay Sunshine from The Underbar in Vancouver on the mezzanine level overlooking the ballroom. As an added bonus, Steam Portland is offering $5.00 off of a room or locker following the party with your ticket stub / exit stamp.

Leave Your Cares And Clothes Behind And Celebrate With Us!