Venue Life in the time of Covid 19.

This sucks, I mean...what the F**K! We miss you. Yes All of you.

The Metalheads, The Punk Rockers and the Weirdos, The Queer Community dance party crowd and all the fierce performers. The Rock N Rollers, Hardcore kids & the EDM People. ALL the old & new faces; you're the lifeblood of the music and arts community. Just know we love all of you and that we will be back stronger than ever.

Portland is a special city and we feel connected to the community even when we have to be apart. We've been busy btw. The owner has kept as many of us as possible working on, (safely, with masks and gloves and distancing) upgrades and remodeling. New artist green rooms and paint, planned purchase of more lighting and in general trying to keep our cool boutique venue heart while making Bossanova a better space for everyone. We all have our plans on hold, and when we can safely open up we will be as excited as you. Stay Strong. Stay safe. Stay Portland.