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 w/ Voodoo Kungfu & Divitius

 Tuesday September 19th, 2017

DOORS-6pm-Show Starts:630pm

All Ages * Bar with I.D.

Advance Price:$15


Kobi Farhi – Vocals

Uri Zelha – Bass

Chen Balbus – Guitars

Idam Amsalem – Guitars

Matan Shmuely – Drums

Israel’s breakthrough band Orphaned Land – the pioneers of Oriental metal – have

returned with All Is One and an in-your-face message for everyone to embrace:

“People should be judged by their hearts and inner sincerity, not their religious beliefs.”

Orphaned Land won Metal Hammer award for “Global Metal Band of the Year 2014.

In 2017, Original Genesis’ Guitarist, Steve Hackett called Kobi Farhi. He was looking for artists that work for peace between people, and unsurprisingly, he chose ‘Orphaned Land’. The two sides immediately clicked and started collaborating. Together with highly acclaimed Israeli- Arab singer, Mira Awad, Farhi sings on Hackett’s album, “The Night Siren” and on the song, “West to East”. Later on, Hackett continued to work with Orphaned Land and recorded a guitar solo for the band’s new album, to be released by the end of 2017.


Fans started an online petition in 2012 to nominate Orphaned Land for the

coveted Nobel Prize. Many metal fans felt strongly about the band’s commitment to inviting the Arab world to listen to their music in spite of resistance and outright bans from Arab League countries. Thousands of people from all over the world

have since signed the petition.

“I could never imagine in my wildest imagination that one day an Israeli band would be followed by thousands of Muslims from all over the world,” says frontman Kobi Farhi, noting that Orphaned Land are the proud recipients of four Peace Awards issued by their Turkish brethren. “If we do a show in Istanbul, Turkey – which is the only Muslim country where we’re allowed to play – people come all the way from Iran, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan just to see us. These are enemies that are fighting each other coming to see us as one group of people. I’d say that historically the Jews and Arabs are brothers because we are all descendants of Abraham, but the conflict and the differences are so big that we’ve forgotten that. Discovering the fact that our music is the instrument to remind people that we are all one is shocking to me. I never imagined that bloodenemies would open their eyes because of it. ”

The album,All Is One, was mixed by the critically acclaimed Jens Bogren (Kreator, Amon Amarth, James LaBrie, Devin Townsend Project, Opeth) and was recorded in three different countries: Israel, Turkey and Sweden. Ironically, countries that are Jewish, Muslim and Christian respectively, which strengthens the Orphaned Land message of unity through music. Over 40 musicians were used to flesh out the sound of All Is One, including 25 choir singers and eight classical violin, viola and cello players from Turkey. Farhi, for his part, considers All Is One “the

greatest album we’ve made to date.”